I AM WOW! Potential™ Manifesto

STOP listening to the lies… START believing the truth about YOU!

If you're looking to find inner happiness and peace, to be able to accept, embrace and celebrate who you really are, and to confidently pursue your dreams and goals with purpose and passion, the I AM WOW! Potential Manifesto is for you!

It's about the truth… the truth about who you really are deep inside.

What Is WOW! Potential?

WOW! Potential is your special, dormant “YOU-niqueness” that when you discover, develop, and share it with others, it turns heads and makes people say “WOW!” 

Your WOW! potential is made up of YOUR...

             Gifts, talents, skills, abilities…

             Dreams, goals, vision, purpose…

             Beauty, courage, passion, perseverance…

             Love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion…

The I AM WOW! Potential Manifesto will provide you with Inspiration, Affirmations, and Motivation designed to be the wind in your sails, propelling you forward whenever you need it. 

Whether you're feeling down or feeling great, this manifesto will help develop your self-image muscle. 

When you read this manifesto regularly and internalize the three core affirmations, you are not only declaring your WOW! Potential to the universe but most importantly you are confirming your WOW! Potential to the most important person - YOU!

What is a manifesto?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a manifesto is a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.

3 Core Life-Changing Affirmations

The I AM WOW! Potential manifesto is a public declaration of the three core affirmations that have changed my life:


These core affirmations have given me confidence, purpose, focus and happiness. Through continuous repetition, they have became part of my core belief system and are the catalysts that helped me to face life's changes head-on. 

I believe that if you take the time to internalize this manifesto and complete the accompanying FREE BONUS workbook and make them your own, you too will experience positive life changes.

YOU WILL find inner happiness and peace

YOU WILL be able to accept, embrace and celebrate who you really are

YOU WILL confidently pursue your dreams and goals with purpose and passion

FREE BONUS DOWNLOAD:  WOW! Potential Workbook

The WOW! Potential Workbook is a necessary companion to the I AM WOW! Potential Manifesto.

It's filled with a number of thought-provoking "stretchercizes" designed to maximize your personal growth and equip you to confidently take the next steps in your self-leadership journey:

  • Identify your special YOU-niquenesses (Your WOW!)
  • Discover your life’s purpose and value 
  • Prove to yourself how and why you matter 
  • Improve your self-image, like yourself more and develop the habit of self-love 
  • Take action toward unleashing your WOW! Potential