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Leo Tintinalli and Jacqueline Tintinalli, co-founders of Life Changes UniversityLeo Tintinalli and Jacqueline Tintinalli, co-founders of Life Changes University

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 Leo Tintinalli and Jacqueline Tintinalli

Welcome To Life Changes University!

Life Changes University (LCU) is our passion project.  We're excited you’re here and hope you'll find LCU to be inspiring and life changing. 

We firmly believe that you have untapped potential deep inside you that is waiting to be unleashed.  We believe you have a purpose in life, that is, the thing(s) that you really love doing, that you’re passionate about – that you could do every day, all day even without pay.  In fact, when you’re doing it others look at you and say “WOW!” --- That’s what we call your WOW! Potential.

What is WOW! Potential?

Most likely you know of someone who has made or is currently making an impact in their local community, nationally or globally.  

People like Sir Richard Branson, Oprah, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela are great examples, to name a few. But there are also people in your own community – the people who run the local homeless shelter, food bank, job bank; or the people in local service clubs. 

There is common trait they all exuberate. They have fire in their belly and the eye of a tiger. They have a certain smile and endless energy which lights up the room wherever they go.  People watch, listen, and follow them because they have a unique confidence, an aura, an energy, and presence which is magnetic. They’re fuelled by their purpose and driven by passion.  They’ve found their WOW! Potential.

So, what about you?  What’s your purpose? What are you passionate about?

What’s your WOW! Potential?

Not sure?

That’s where LCU can help.  LCU is a new learning community.  LCU will grow and evolve. We will provide you with lots of helpful and practical content, tools and resources designed to help you navigate through your life changes as you dig down deep and discover your purpose, develop your talents, and pursue your dreams and goals with passion.

We encourage you to be a student and a teacher. To learn, do (apply what you learn) and teach what you’ve learned to others. This will speed up your transformation and help others as well. It’s a good thing.  It’s the law of sowing and reaping.

We truly believe that it is possible for you to enjoy happiness and prosperity (whatever that means to you) when you strive to achieve your full potential.  

The founding of Life Changes University

For over 30 years we have immersed ourselves in a wide range of self-development books and audio programs, seminars, conferences and workshops, and formal training programs to help us navigate through life and to continually challenge ourselves to develop our God-given potential.  

During a summer getaway to celebrate our 26th anniversary, Jackie and I decided to combine our strengths and passions to help inspire people to achieve their full potential.  People who are frustrated, disengaged, and depressed with their current job, career path, or just with life in general. We’ve both faced these circumstances on multiple occasions throughout our lives and constantly see others all around us in the same situation and we feel we can help.

According to the latest Gallup research in 2013 over 76% of the worldwide workforce are disengaged at their work. In North America that number is about 70%.   In response to this a 2015 blog post in Entrepreneur.com says that "workers are like cash collecting Zombies".   

Zombie's that's it. During our times of frustration at work we often felt like Zombies. In fact, we noticed that there were lots of other Zombies where we worked, shopped and dined at too.  How many times do you see co-workers, or employees at restaurants, retail, airports, airlines, and virtually everywhere totally disengaged and unhappy with their jobs?  They ignore you, mess up your order or they’re just downright rude.  Well chances are they have not found their WOW!...yet!

The experts will say that the reason for this lack of job engagement and happiness is because employers have failed to provide good training or a work environment that promotes engagement and growth. 

However, we believe that although this might be true, it is up to each one of us to take personal responsibility for our own happiness and engagement in our personal lives and in our work.  It’s not the responsibility of others to do so.

Luckily our entrepreneurial experience and past mentors gave us excellent exposure to an array of self-development resources to help us pivot and keep moving forward, staying out of the rut (or not in it for very long). Through this self-leadership we were able to take responsibility and navigate through the rough waters of life.

As we reflected on what we experienced and what we were seeing around us we decided to share with others what helped us to get re-engaged and find more happiness and fulfilment.

That's why we created Life Changes University.  To inspire you to take control of your life and be the best you can be. To help you to find your own happiness and purpose in life and to pursue it with passion. To discover, develop and unleash your WOW! Potential.